Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Autumn Outfits 2

Autumn is fast approaching! Which is crazy because we are still in August however with the current weather it feel autumnal already. It is my favourite season by far because you can wrap up and get all cosy - and not have to worry about the heat! Which for me is a good thing, because the heat this summer got me super grumpy. I also might be a tiny bit biased because my birthday is in Autumn and then you have halloween, bonfire night AND christmas! It's the best half of the year!

I believe it must have been 2 years ago now, I did my first 'Autumn Outfits' and got a great response, so to help me back into blogging, I thought I would do another one just to explore the kinds of items the shops have in at the moment! 

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for HER!

It's the 8th of December… what!? It honestly feels like yesterday since I wrote my last post on the 13th of October, yet so so much has happened! You may or may not know that it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so lots of reviews and a haul are in order me thinks!

It is either the most look-forwarded to or the most dreaded event of the year; Christmas. I am a bit in the middle, I cannot wait for the day yet I get extremely stressed when thinking and buying presents for people. To try and help you guys out, every weekend until christmas I will post a different guide for different members of the family. Here is a christmas gift guide for the sister/daughter/cousin(etc)!

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Sunday, 13 October 2013


whats a blog post without a picture eh?

Oh dear. I feel utterly ashamed. I haven't posted since August 13th, which is nearly two whole months ago. I must admit, I think I needed the break, as every blogger seems to need every once in a while. I have also been working 'behind the scenes' of Bow Petals, within the next year I am going to set up my own blog shop selling handmade jewellery (affordable handmade jewellery), I have created a new layout and design which should be up within the next month, and I have also been creating a blog diary so I know what to post and when. Ooo, also, by August next year, I should be starting Youtube videos. Exciting stuff! I guess I haven't been completely negligent to my blog, and I of course have been reading fellow blogs on bloglovin every night like they are the bible. 
So why have I not posted? hmm, well, to be honest, I'm not too sure. I have had lots going on recently and as I am sure you are all aware, coursework and controlled assessments take up 98% of your time when you are in year 11. I come home from school, do homework for 5 hours straight, eat dinner then fall asleep. That has literally been my routine for quite some time now. I have also been spending quite a lot of time in London as well, seeing lots of west end shows. I guess I have been living a little bit more, instead of being cooped up in the house all the time. 

So when am I going to post next? Hopefully, soon. It all depends on how much homework I get over the next few weeks, but I am hoping about twice a week. One will be a wish list type post, and the other any hauls or reviews. If you have any ideas for posts then please let me know!

okay, this is the bit I am most excited about, I hit 100 followers! WOOO! I have been waiting for this for a while and last night I saw I had 101! There will be a giveaway coming up shortly, so if there are any things you can recommend for the prize I would love to know! Thankyou all so so much for following this blog, whether it be on GFC or bloglovin, it means a lot! You guys make my day when I see a new follower.<3

I have recently been struggling with what I want to do as a career. Now, this has really been stressing me out. At the moment I am looking at colleges and sixth forms, but I have no idea what course I want to take. When I was little I always wanted to be a fairy hairdresser, which I think now is a little bit hard to achieve in life. Then it was a journalist, then a weather girl, then an actress. It has all been involved with media and I think it always will. My dream on becoming the next west end actress didn't dissolve, and I think my whole school is aware of it now, but recently, it's been fading. The uncertainty of acting is scaring me off, and I started to want to work in a bank. Don't get me wrong, I think working in a bank is great, and I admire all who do, but I just don't think its for me. I let my only dream in life go away. I lost hope, and I lost effort. I lost interest in my subjects at school and I felt myself slip a little as my grades dropped a bit. Even my parents saw it. The only thing that motivated me was gone. I then saw Top Hat, which may not be everyone's taste in musical, but it really was A M A Z I N G. It fully restored my faith in acting. It may not be easy, it may be uncertain, it may not be paid well, but if it is what I want to do, and I love doing it, then surely it's worth it?

I apologise for this being a bit of a long rambly post about my troubles and my highs, I hope you don't mind too much!

(both images from we heart it)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dungaree Dress #2

So this is the second instalment of what I style with my very versatile dungaree dress!

This week (note that I am doing this on a saturday and not a sunday like last week haha) I have styled it with a lace collared top from Primark for £6. I don't have many collared items in my wardrobe, but this I absolutely adore! It goes with skinny jeans, under dresses, with skirts, the lot!


This would look lovely with a long cameo necklace and some ballet sandals!

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Friday, 2 August 2013

eBay Wishlist

So these are the items I am currently lusting after from ebay! I think most people love ebay, for the amazing deals that you can get!

I'm really loving the 'nautical' theme at the moment, so that's why I have all the beachy items! Also, I really need some sort of storage for my makeup, and these are perfect - and such a good price! Lastly, the shoes. I just love them. And, I could probably walk in them as they are a wedge.

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