Saturday, 6 April 2013

Summer Wishlist!

hey guys!

On Sunday, I am in a show at my local theatre which I am so excited about! We are performing 'The Crucible', which is set in Massachusetts 1692. I play a bewitched girl! Wish me luck!

As we all know, Summer is approaching (rather slowly at the moment), and as soon as I see a tad bit of sunshine I just cannot wait to wear all of my dresses and skirts and search the internet for new clothes. 
It seems to me that this year will have a lot of mints and corals - which is good for me because I absolutely love them! Oh and lots of pastels, but also tropical/floral prints. It also seems that the traditional Modern Vintage look is here as well! YAYAY!

These are my summer essentials of Summer 2013 - if it ever arrives!

Do you like any of these items? What are your summer essentials?


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  1. I studied The Crucible at school once, it's rather interesting! Good luck in your show! Love your wishlist, definitely will be investing in some mint coloured items!


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