Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Look Wish List

Hey guys,

how are you all?

Schools been rather hectic at the moment, what with English controlled assessments and mountain piles of homework (just a slight exaggeration) oh and not forgetting me spending 4 nights a week at my local theatre!

So I get back in the habit if blogging, I thought I'd start myself off with some wish lists. I mean who doesn't love a good wish list now and then?

As I shop in New look the most out of all the high street stores, I thought I would chose it first.

At the moment, I have had a bit of an obsession with 'Broderie Englaise'. I must admit it has never amazed me before, but since my vintage fling has taken place, it is one of my favourite things to wear. I just think that Broderie englaise is a flash from the past (well the 1920-1950's anyway. I honestly don't know what my fascination with that time period is, but I love it so much, the music, the fashion, the outlooks. Love it.

A while ago I sold some of my dads old stuff on eBay, and gained £80 from it, so after postage and all that jazz was taken off, me and my mum split it in half and I gained £30 or so! So of course, my natural shopping instincts kicked in and I knew I had to purchase something- so I bought the white dress and wire headband above, which go beautifully together.

What do you think of the items? Do you like them?

Feel free to leave links of your favourite items from new look at the moment!


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