Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tangle Teezer Review!

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I have been wanting this for ageess and I was so so so so happy when I opened it up. So if you have never heard of a tangle teezer before, it is a specially designed brush that does not pull out your hair and leaves it smooth and shiny. There are lots of different types of Tangle Teezers but I got the original one in Bubblegum Pink. You can also get it in Orange, Purple Sparkly, Black and Light Blue.

This brush is perfect for me as when I was younger I lost quite a lot of my hair due to medication that I was on at the time. And now, even though I don't take the medication any more, I still have to be careful that I don't yank my hair out with a brush as my hair is still quite frail. Also, which does not help my hair at all, is that I straighten it every day. I know! I'm sorry! But I have to, as if I hairdry it or leave it to dry itself, it goes frizzy and expands by about 30cm each side of my head. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but I just don't like my hair frizzy. On a review I  have read prior to receiving it, it said that if you brush your hair with the tangle teezer in the last few minutes of it drying out, it will become more straight. Now, I don't know if its true or not but I am well up for having a try!

So when I opened it up, I just had to have a go! I ran it through my hair (bearing in mind this was 7:30 in the morning, without having brushed it yet), it glided through leaving it shiny and tangle free!

This brush can be used on wet hair and dry hair. When I use it on my dry hair I just use it as a normal brush and when I use it when my hair is wet I use it before I put the shampoo in so that it is smooth and I can run my hands through it, and when I put conditioner in so that it is put on evenly. After I have used it in the shower, I just rinse it off and put it on the radiator for 5 minutes to dry, and then woala! I can use it on my dry hair.

The scientific side of how the brush works is that because of the two lengthed bristles in the brush, they move with your hair rather than pull on your hair. They are flexible little things but they aren't rock hard so they do the job brilliantly.

This brush was actually funded by Dragons Den haha!

I know that your not supposed to look at the prices of presents, but as I am writing a blog post about this, I am going to tell you that it is £10.20 from the official tangle teezer site. I guess that to whatever shop you buy it from it will be more or less but that is the average price.

I would deffinately recommend this to anyone who has been looking into buying one of these.

Do any of you have a tangle teezer? Or maybe you want to get one?


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  1. Great review lovely, my fiancee always points this out in the magazines when we go on a plane - his sister got one for Christmas!

    Eda x

  2. I have to say, ever since we got one, my little sister hasn't cried about getting her hair brushed. It's a cry-saver!

    I love it, it feels like a head massage!

    Naomi xxx

    1. haha! they are really amazing! and come to think of it, it is like a head massage! woo! xxx

  3. I love tangle teezers, I've only tried one out though but I definitely need to buy one :) loved your review X


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