Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Popband Review


I think in all, I refresh bloglovin about 6-10 times a day to see what my favourite bloggers have been posting about. The other day, I came across PopBand's while I was browsing, and before really thinking about it- ordered them straight away.

So you might be thinking right now 'what in the world is a popband?' And I can tell you that it is not what it sounds like; a band who produce pop music. Na ah! A popband is a hair band which leaves your hair kink free, but is also really tight that it doesn't fall out- even with silky freshly washed hair! Its also really good for your hair as its snag free. BUT it also doubles up as a really cute bracelet at the same time, which won't fall off but not leave a massive dent in your wrist!

The packaging-PINK BUBBLE WRAP! You have no idea how happy this made me.

You can get them in all different colours and designs, individual, double or multi packs and even some with bling on! Yaaaa! 

I got a multi pack of 5 PopBands named 'Pop' as I loved the colours of them. It cost me £6. As you can see from the above photo, the light pink one I have been wearing a lot, and even though it has stretched it still works the same.
I also put these bands to the test when I went dancing the other day, and they did exactly as they said on the tin (pardon the pun!) and my hair stayed in the same position for two hours straight of jumping up and down and all in all going crazy on adrenaline.

I absolutely love these hair bands- much better than the £1 primark ones (even though they are really goood and my go-to's!) 

AND at the moment, PopBand are currently offering £5 off when you spend £20 by using the code SUMMERAMA13
AND they are offering FREE DELIVERY to the UK!

Could it get any better?


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