Sunday, 3 February 2013

Liladee's Purchase + Advice!

hey guys,

I am always on the lookout for little shops/businesses on twitter that sell jewellery or hair bits and being a blogger brings an advantage to this as other bloggers are always recommending them.

I found Liladee's which is such a cute little shop! When I was having a nose on it, I found this cute little bracelet and I just had to get it for me and my friend. 

There's a bit of a story behind why I chose it so you know I might as well share it!

My best friend at school and I were having quite a deep chat one PE Lesson (we were bored and didn't really fancy playing Badminton for the 10th time) and she is originally from Maldova. I don't know if Moldovian people think like it, but her name is Felicia and she is really good-spirited and has a positive outlook on life. Anyways, I was getting quite depressed as I couldn't hit the badminton ball and she just said one word to me; believe. She made me believe in myself, and no lie- I could hit the badminton ball with no problem.
So then the word 'believe' kind of became our motto in life. When she was on a down day I would say believe, and vice versa.

Here's my message for you guys; When your on a down day, or something is not going right or you cant hit the ball in badminton, if you believe in yourself, nine times out of ten you will feel better about it and it is likely that things will go right.

If you don't believe in yourself, then others wont believe in you -you see how it works? 
If you are determined that the guy you like will never ask you out, or you wont pass that exam, its likely to come true and it wont happen. But if you think positively, firstly you feel happier in your self with that little bit of hope, but secondly it might come true! Think positively.

Since Felicia joined our school in year 9, I would say I am a much happier person as she has taught me how to live my life happier. Thankyou Felicia!


You can purchase this bracelet or look at the other items here. The shop is full of unusual gorgeous staple pieces. -And they give free delivery for orders over only £3! Not bad ay?


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  1. Hi there! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the latest post on my blog for details on what you have to do next :) x
    Also, followed your blog :D
    <3 Adi
    My blog - Coffee. Beauty. Life.

    1. ahh thankyou!:) + thankyou, it means a lot :) x

  2. Hi! I made my blog only yesterday and a friend of mine told me to check out your blog. I'm so glad she did because I'm obsessed! I love it so much. I'm really glad that you posted about this website because I may or may not have just ordered some stuff off of it...haha

    Love,Eleanor x


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