Sunday, 28 July 2013

Denim Dungaree Dress #1

As I said in my previous post, from today I am starting a weekly post string, where every Saturday (yeah I know it's sunday, but yesterday was very busy for me!) I will try and style/accessorise the denim Dungaree dress. This is such a versatile item which can be worn differently every time! I know when I buy new clothes, I always stress out what to style with it, so if your interested in knowing what to wear with it or your just being nosey (don't worry because I am!) then I'm sure this will interest you!

This is the first post, so if your wondering where I got the Dungaree dress from, then I got it in the sale from New Look. I talk about it a lot more here. I got it for £11 (this is the exact price, whereas in my last post I wasn't too sure!) and it was originally £22.99. However they can be purchased from a lot of different high street stores; topshop, primark, river island etc. Its just really looking around for the design you want, and I was incredibly happy with mine. I don't tend to wear dresses a lot in the day, but since the beautiful weather and the loveliness of the dress, I have worn it at least 5 or 6 times!

I styled it with a simple white rolled sleeved tee and that was it! How simple and easy was that!? I'm sure everyone possesses a white tee somewhere in their house and if not they are reasonably cheap to buy! Mine was from Asos for £6 or in Primark they are £4! 

I would accessorise it with this necklace which is from Topshop for £8.50

without necklace: £17


  1. Loooove the little denim pinafore! Everyone has been getting some amazing bargains from New Look recently. I may have to have a look in there!

    Lovely outfit.

    Ashleigh from Magazines&Models

    1. ah thankyou! and yes i know right! You must! They are having some amazing sales at the moment xxx


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