About Me

My name is Hollie, I live in England, and have a complete affinity with all things Fashion, Beauty, Decor and Lifestyle related!

For a long time I read other peoples blogs but never had the confidence to start my own. But, on one sunny morning in July 2012, I woke up with an 'oh well' attitude and, before even eating breakfast, I grabbed my laptop and created it! I am really glad that I did and cant understand why I didn't do it before! 

This blog is just for fun, and I wouldn't like it to be serious. Therefore I wont have a posting schedule as if I did, I would lose the aspect of fun-ness and it wouldn't be enjoyable for me to write

Even though I do have confidence issues, I absolutely love anything to do with acting and theatres. I belong to my local theatre and have performed in many plays. I would love to have an acting career, but when I was little, I always said and dreamed that I would be a journalist or a writer, and me creating this blog means I can achieve that.

Thankyou to everyone that visits my blog, and don't forget to leave a comment on my posts!

love Hollie x


  1. If you can make your journalist dream come true, you could make your actress dream come true!xx

    1. that is the loveliest thing! Thankyou! It made my day. xxx