Sunday, 4 November 2012

11 Day Beauty/Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 7

Hey guys!

So today's post is...

Relationship/Crush tips!

I had to brainstorm this and sleep on the idea as I have no idea what to write! hmm... I may start babbling on about nonsense or rambling on, so I am warning you in advance!

Okay, so...

If you ask a guy out, you want them to accept you - right? Some people have the idea that it should be the boy asking the girl out and not the other way around. You know what I say? If he is giving you signals that he likes you, then just ask him! YOLO! You never know he may be shy or he may not be sure that you like him back. What have you got to lose? 
My advice is that if you like a boy, then try and make friends with him and talk to him, whether that be on facebook, twitter, text, calls or even face to face. Building your friendship up is the key. If when you are friends and he still doesn't seem interested, then just keep it the way it is, I mean having him as your friend may be more beneficial and his feelings may build up. I would also say that don't go telling every man and his dog about him. Tell your best buds that you can trust 100%, as I am sure that your crush would rather hear it from you than every girl he meets.
Just be you and don't change who you are, because there will be a boy out there who loves you for YOU. 

Don't let boy's take over your life though. Concentrate on what you are doing in your life to the best of your ability, and if a boy happens to come along then great!

When you are in a relationship, as I said before just be yourself. Ooh, one thing I will stress is DON'T DITCH YOUR MATES for a guy. Trust me, my mates have often done that and I have always been a good friend and picked up the pieces when they broke up. But you know, mates don't like being used. It's not fair. Make sure you allow yourself time with your boyfriend and your mates as they both love you and want to see you. Also, make sure you spend lots of time with your family - don't ditch them either. 
When you are with your boyfriend, just have a good time! Don't do anything stupid though, mind you!

Another thing, I always ask my mum and sometimes my dad for advice. I think this does help if you have a close relationship with your parents as they are experienced! Or even ask your best friend.

Okay, thankyou for reading this post and I am sorry that it didn't have any real structure to it!


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  1. This is all such brilliant advice :) I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 18 (and I'm still with him now hehe) and it was actually me that started talking to him which I was amazed at myself with as I'd never had any confidence with guys before that!
    Your bit about not losing your friends made me really sad as I lost all of mine when I got with him because he's a few years older than me and they didn't agree with it :( Having good girlfriends is so important and I'm still searching for mine tbh!
    Love Holly x


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