Friday, 15 March 2013

Dolly Bow Bow Purchase!

hey guys, 

you have probably all heard of the lovely blogger and vlogger, Dolly Bow Bow aka Kate Murnane, but if you don't know who she is then check out her blog and youtube channel now! (well... after youve read my post hehe)

Kate has her own online shop which features homey items, clothing and jewellery- all of it gorgeous!

Well, when I was browsing her site, I found this little jar, and I fell in love. I didn't know it was possible to love a jar so much! I feel as if my style, both in fashion and decor is turning vintage-y. Anything like this jar or this kind of style my brain tells me to buy! Oh and I am very happy that 1940's below the knee full skirt dresses are coming back in fashion.

When I saw this jar, it reminded me of what people had on their dressing room tables on a sunny day with the sun shining in. Haha, don't ask me why I imagined it being sunny, it just was in my weird little brain of mine.

Firstly, it came in a box. Shocker I know! I haven't had a parcel come in a proper square cardboard box in all my life. This really made me happy.

I bet your all sitting in anticipation for what the jar looks like, so here it is!

Dolly Bow Bow Shop -


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Have you ever purchased anything off of her shop? What did you buy?


  1. very cute !! and same love the sticker :)

    By the way I am currently looking for my next months 'new talent' blogger so get in touch with me via my blog if you have a talent and want to be featured of my blog ! Of course I link your blog :)

    1. Thankyou :) and ah cool- I don't really have a talent apart from picking pens and pencils up with my toes :') haha but I will have a look!xxx

  2. That's adorable and I'm trying to make my bedroom all vintage-y at the minute! Just wondering would you actually use it for cotton wool or something else? x


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