Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In Love With Fashion

hey guys,

the other day, e-tail PR sent out an email to all bloggers, asking them of their favourite pieces from In Love With Fashion, a clothing store which has some lovely items in it!
I must admit, I had never heard of them before, but I am glad that I have found out about them now as I love love love it!

e-tail PR sent :

Here are my favourite items from the shop, just to give you a little insight of what they stock:

As I had sooo many favourites, these are just a few as they wouldn't fit on my collage! :(

I really love the simple tee's like the 'In Vogue We Trust', as it would go with so many items, has that fashion twist, and the words I just really love. I also love the blue flowery shorts, as I think that they will look great in spring, with a white cropped tee, hey, even the 'in vogue we trust' one! oo yeah, that would look really nice.
The waterfall dress made me happy. I saw it, I smiled, I imagined wearing it on a cool sunny summers day. Ahhhh.
As you can probably tell from my blog name, I love bows. Any type of bow, on any different item, and I will automatically love it. The dress with the black bows literally made me want to put my hand in my laptop screen and magically drag it out. oh. I wish.
Ahhh, sorry, one more thing and I'll shut up, I can visualise right now the mint lace skirt with the 'in vogue we trust' top. And I can tell you it looks good. That Vogue top is really becoming a staple item here! :)

You also might see a few items where they are the same, but just in different colours, this is because I couldn't decide which one I liked more! haha :)


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  1. That Vogue t-shirt is so cute! I want one!


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